20140518 Toronto

18:30 Arrived at the Pearson international airport.

18:37 Arrived at security.

18:47 Passed security. I found out recently that you don’t always have to take your shoes off.

18:55 Arrived at the gate.

19:00 Met up with a friend, Andrew, whom I will be travelling with for the next 10 days. The poor fellow arrived at the gate at 18:00…

19:20 Back at the gate. Started reading Count of Monte Cristo on my phone.

20:10 On board! Andrew asked the man sitting next to me to switch seats with him, and apparently it was his second time switching seats already. Hopefully he won’t be asked again…

20:55 Take off. It’s already dark outside.

22:00 – 22:25 Dinner time! It was my first time drinking wine on an airplane. The food was okay. The salad I didn’t touch was apparently absolutely disgusting. 

2014-05-18 22.11.12

23:20 My sick travelling companion cannot find his NyQuill.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ira G says:

    The time accuracy is impressive!

  2. AMP says:

    hi unni 🙂
    maybe i’ll try a glass next time I fly >< except I dont like wine…

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