20140519 Toronto-Copenhagen

1:00 Watched Hunger Games.

3:10 We were given this banana bread looking thing for breakfast. I wasn’t hungry, so I shoved it in my bag just in case.

+ 6 hours. I am now in central European time zone!

10:15 Landed in Copenhagen, Denmark.

10:25 Arrived at the gate. Andrew found his NyQuill! It was under the seats behind ours.

10:35 No customs, no interviews. The person at the passport control just stamped my passport and then we were at the exit. I love this!

10:50 Bought train tickets. DKK 36.

11:00 – 11:15 Took the train to the Copenhagen Central Station. The train seats had individual lights and radio.



11:20 Walked out of the station to take pictures. Tivoli garden, a very old amusement park which is one of the main attractions of Copenhagen, was right across the street. And then I realized that my phone was gone from the pocket of my jacket. When I tried calling my phone, I heard a voice message saying “it is not in service”. My guess was that it had been stolen while I was taking pictures looking so obviously like a tourist, and the thief had taken the battery out.



11:45 Went to lost and found at the station, but no luck. They told me to come back tomorrow in case I left it on the train. Ugh, I felt pathetic. What a wonderful start of a 4-week trip. Luckily, I had Nexus 7 and a digital camera, so I was not in an urgent need of anything. A couple in front of me had lost laptops, credit cards, passports, etc..We started walking toward the hostel.

12:10 Finally arrived at the Copenhagen City Hostel. The weather was too warm for my jacket, my 7.7 kg-backpack was heavy, and I was upset and tired and sleepy. The check-in was to start at 2 PM, so we put our backpacks in the baggage room and browsed Internet in the lobby. I suspended my phone and messaged my family that I arrived safely but without a phone.


13:00 Fortunately, the front desk let us check in early. DKK 454.
We went to a 6-bed dorm on the 6th floor, facing a river. It was a nice clean room, although the toilet was in the same room as the shower and there was no outlet beside my bed. Andrew passed out on his bed.

14:00 Unpacked a bit, and wrote my journal. Time for some sleep.

14:45 Said hi (half asleep) to an Asian girl who just came in. She used the bunk bed next to mine.

15:30 Called mom with Groove IP app on my tablet. I used earphones, so (I hope) I didn’t look too hideous.

15:45 Said hi to a German girl who used the bed under mine. I was getting used to this “saying hi to strangers” thing.

19:00 Woke up with my eyes all blood-shot. They felt terrible.

19:10 Started toward downtown. The city felt clean and quiet. It did not feel as urban as larger north American cities.


19:55 Arrived at Nyhavn. I wasn’t feeling very well since I lost my phone, but the sight of this waterfront blew me away. The street was full of restaurants and bars, the buildings were colourful and there were a few people busking by the water. In retrospect, I should have had a beer. But it felt too expensive at the time (60-80 DKK).

20:15 Sat down beside the water and watched people and listened to someone’s guitar.

20:30 Headed back to the hostel.


21:05 I was going to eat the banana bread from the airplane for dinner, but decided to follow Andrew who was going to Restaurant Puk instead. The restaurant was very cosy, and other guests appeared to be locals.


We ordered Puk’s evening platter, which consisted of rye bread and 6 different toppings for Smørrebrød. The toppings were herring, salmon, fish fillet, pork roast, liver pâté, and cheese. It was delicious! The fish was very fresh, and liver pâté, which I had for the first time, turned out to be amazing. Beet pickles were refreshing. The water was DKK 15, so I decided to skip it.


Andrew and I took turns dropping forks and knives (I guess we were pretty tired), and when we apologized to the waiter who came to our table for the third time, he cordially told us not to worry since he had many of them, he just wanted to find out which one he had to bring. He spoke fluent English as well. He was an awesome.

22:30 Done. It was expensive, but it was amazing. This turned out to be the most expensive meal of the whole trip. DKK 188.
There was a cool-looking bar across the street.

22:45 Back in the hostel.

23:30 WiFi in the room was not that good, so I went downstairs to the cafeteria in the building. I uploaded the pictures from my camera.


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  1. Ira G says:

    Smørrebrød needs to be a thing in Toronto. Then may be we can start getting some Finnish cooking followed by the logical Russian extensions and then some good Ukrainian food :D. I’m really enjoying the photos as well, very atmospheric.

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