20140520 Copenhagen

1:00 Bed time. Most people in the room were asleep during the day, and they are now wide awake doing things on their smart devices.

3:30 Woke up to someone’s loud snoring. I was glad I had brought earplugs.

5:45 Up.

6:00 Called Toronto thinking that it’s noon, but it turned out to be midnight. Oops. It’s very foggy outside.

6:50 Lobby. The breakfast buffet, which was not included, turned out to be super expensive.

7:00 Just bought a muffin, an orange and a cup of tea from cafeteria instead. They had strawberry-flavoued black tea from Lipton, which was great. The orange was not so good. DKK 30


7:30 Back in the room.

7:50 Started walking to the Royal Danish Library.

8:00 It was nearby, but apparently not so simple to get to. I got lost and got yelled at by a cyclist because I was standing on the bike road. He was polite enough to yell at me in English, since obviously tourists are the only people who stand on bike roads. A blonde schoolgirl asked me if I needed help.

8:10 Library. The beach chairs!! I would live in the city just for those. There were lots of sitting area in the library, and some were by a window looking down to a beautiful courtyard.



8:40 After being lost for a while, I finally reached the courtyard by the library. It was very serene and there were ducks sleeping by the pond. Therefore I decided to take jump shots.

8:50 Left the courtyard.

9:10 Christianshavn. The buildings were beautiful, and the canals made them look even more romantic.



9:40 Found a park, and rested on a bench.

9:50 Met Andrew in front of church of our saviour. We wanted to walk up the tower, but it wasn’t open yet.

10:15 Came across a bench with a nice view on our way back to the hostel, so we decided to sit down.

10:30 Started walking toward a town hall, where a free walking tour was supposed to start at 11.

10:50 Town hall.

11:00 Free walking tour. Our tour guide, Rikke, was an energetic lady who was born and raised in Copenhagen. She used the term “hygge” often, which means cozyness. Whenever she wanted the group closer together, she would say, “let’s get hyggly!”
I unfortunately do not remember a lot of the historical details she explained, but she told us that four city halls were burnt down and that the biggest fire in Copenhagen was started by a child dropping a candle.



12:15 The whole group took a break at a square. I went to a cafe called Baresso and ordered an ice cream-looking smoothie. It tasted good, interesting, and expensive. DKK 44.

12:45 Tour resumed. Passed Nyhavn and ended the tour at a church near Amelienborg, the winter home for the royal family. The guide talked about Carlsburg, Danish James Bond during WWII, and the opera house (which she wanted to exchange with the one in Sydney). She also mentioned that the children of the crown prince went to public schools and that his family was sometimes seen biking in the city.



14:00 End of the tour. Tipped the tour guide. DKK 50.
I wished every city had this kind of tours. I walked into the church and listened to a (not so good) organ.

14:25 Rosenborg castle garden. It appeared to be the most crowded spot in the entire city.



14:40 Round tower. DKK 25.
Except at the very top, it was mostly slanted floors and not stairs.


There was something called “hollow core”, where there is a glass on top. It was only 25 meters high, but felt a lot more scary than the glass floor in CN tower in Toronto.


15:15 Top! It looked like a very flat city.


15:20 On the road.

Came across interesting statues underwater.


16:00 Hostel. Exhausted!



16:40 Chatted with another traveller in the room.

18:45 Started walking toward Andersen bakery near the central station. I had been to its SF branch before, and interestingly, this was a Japanese bakery inspired by Danish baking.

18:55 Bakery. The cheapest meal I had had in the city. DKK 16.

19:15 Hostel.

21:10 Lobby, uploading pictures and writing journal. There was a big group of teenagers who looked like they were on a school field trip. They were loud.

22:45 Bed. The room is bright and people are loud, but I was just too tired.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ira G says:

    That round tower is the stuff of my nightmares. I ought to visit it one day to face my fear of dangerously slanted floors…then may be they will stop haunting my dreams! I never thought these existed in life…
    Again beautiful photography. You chose such lovely places and times of the day!

    1. claireshc says:

      I had no idea you feared slanted floors! It was kind of difficult to walk on them.

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