20140521 Copenhagen-Amsterdam

5:00 Up.

5:30 Looked forever for my tablet charger and found it on the floor, unplugged from the outlet. Who did this?!?

6:00 Started packing. I realized that several items that I packed for my daypack were not being used (such as my glasses and hand lotion), so I put them in my backpack.

7:45 Checked out.

7:50 Put the backpack in the baggage room. Sadly, they charged me for it. DKK 20.

8:40 Kastellet, a star-shaped military fortress/park. Somebody said the city was so small that you can get anywhere in 20 minutes, and it turned out to be a lie. The park was pretty and scenic. We were early, so there was barely anyone. I walked close to a duckling and its mom chased me away.




 9:10 Little mermaid. As I expected, it was small.



Then I heard bombing. I panicked for a few seconds, and a local merchant nearby told me that it’s probably something like a farewell signal for the queen leaving the city.


9:20 Church square. I liked the fountain.



9:40 Passed by Amalienborg.





10:10 “Open on Sunday” for a shoe store was worth a sticker on the show window in this city.


10:15 Magasin du Nord, a department store. I wasn’t going to buy any clothes in the first city, so I went to the basement and looked at food. They had a huuuuge tea section, 3 times what is shown in the picture. I need to get away from this continent of coffee more often.


10:50 Bought and ate chocolate-covered dessert. It was delicious and expensive. DKK 11.



11:00 Dined at probably one of the cheapest smørrebrød restaurants in the city according to the tour guide from yesterday. I could not remember the name, and it was impossible for me to find this on the Internet. Luckily, it was very close to Magasin du Nord and I came across it by chance.
The food was decent, and amazing for the price. They gave me three random toppings and a beer called Tuborg. I liked the meet and broth jelly topping best.


11:30 Before the bill came, we were trying to guess the name of the place.


So, what was it? “Hviids Vinstue”. The capital letters were just way too fancy for me. DKK 69.

12:20 Sat down on a bench near the hostel by the canal. The teens in the hostel were being noisy.
Saw a rainbow.


That panda thing in the picture is a fan, in case an Asian plastic fan thing is new.

13:30 Hostel. Took the backpack and bought a postcard. DKK 6.

13:45 Central station.

13:50 Visited lost and found without much hope, but I had found my phone!!!!! It turned out that I dropped it on the train. I was happy for a minute and then quite embarrassed for the next hour. Especially because I almost left my sunglasses at lost and found.
On my way to the train, I found something interesting. I’m not sure if packaging fruits this way make them look better. I felt as if they came from some factory.


14:10 Train. It was very quiet. DKK 36.

14:25 Airport.

14:36 Checked in with Norwegian airline.

14:40 Security. I forgot to drain the water from the water bottle, so I gulped it down.

14:42 Duty free. I wanted to buy a watch, but they looked like they would be more expensive than in North America.

15:07 Exchanged my remaining DKK 230.50 with EUR 25. That included DKK 35 exchange fee. I should have just spent it…

15:15 Purchased 2 bottled water with remaining Danish Krone. DKK 20.
The only remaining DKK after this, DKK 0.5 coin, decided to evaporate on me later on. 

15:20 Gate.

16:20 On board. Andrew apparently saw “propeller plane” warning sign on Google flights and was quite worried, but it turned out to be Boeing 737.


16:38 Started moving.

16:48 Took off. I had a window seat this time!



17:55 Landed in Amsterdam! The actual landing on the ground was the roughest I’d gone through my whole life. Honestly, I was a little scared.

18:00 Stopped moving. Exiting the plane was a little unusual.


18:10 Train station. The directions were not so clear, and I had to wait in line for a while.

18:30 Finally bought my ticket! EUR 3.80.

18:35 Terminal.


18:40 Train.


18:53 Sloterdijk station.


19:00 Meininger hostel. The atmosphere was young and cool. EUR 46.74.



19:15 Room. I could not find my lock, so I swore at myself for losing it, and then I found the lock in a corner of my backpack, so I got to swore at myself again for not looking close enough.




They had a light and an outlet by the bed. Sweet!


And the strap of my one and only pair of sandals broke. Noooo.

21:00 WiFi did not work in the room or the cafeteria on the first floor! Ugh. How can I live? Apparently Andrew’s phone was fine.

21:10 Came back to the room and had a granola bar and a chocolate bar for dinner. Said hi to a guy from Montreal, Canada, and two Korean girls who were travelling solo.

22:50 Done with my journals! Time for bed.


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  1. Ira G says:

    Love the rainbow shot! And that tea collection….! And how your new dorm was so very Ikea-esque… I’m also really enjoying the log format you chose for this 😀 Makes for some very interesting reading; a full and honest account of the trip, of sorts.

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