20140529 Luxembourg City

8:00 Three girls who came in late last night kept on making loud noises.

8:20 Up.

8:40 A woman from Colombia asked me if she could borrow my USB adapter, so I gave mine to her.

8:50 Breakfast. They had ham, cheese, bread, and cereal. Basic, but since it was complementary, I was happy.

9:20 I asked the woman, who was in the cafeteria, on my way back to the room, and she told me she put it back in the room. I looked around my bed and the table in the room, but could not find the adapter.

9:30 I went back to the cafeteria, but the woman was gone. She was supposed to check out today, so I decided to wait in the room. I chatted with another woman from the bay area.

9:58 Hoping that the woman would return my adapter somehow, I decided to start the day since it was supposed to rain in the afternoon. And I found the woman in the lobby, and she was still using my adapter. She probably meant to say she would leave the adapter in the room when she’s done. Sigh.








10:50 Petrusse casemates. It was guided tour only, and apparently they were to start on June 7th. I decided to just keep walking around.

11:00 Parc Ed. Klein. There were lots of runners in the city.


11:30 Coffee lounge. It was closed, and it seemed that most stores in the area were closed.

11:40 Place d’armes. A concert band, “chef d’orchestra”, was playing, so I stood and listened. It seemed volunteer-based, since the variance in age and experience was pretty big. The music was mostly lively, and there was a few cool percussion parts. There were lots of restaurants with outdoor patio nearby.



12:05 After the concert, I walked around to find a decent lunch place, but most of the restaurants were very expensive. The waiters didn’t seem that nice, either.

12:25 Walked into McDonald’s and ordered a big mac meal. It tasted exactly the same as the ones I had in Toronto. EUR 7.15.


12:55 Started walking toward the hostel. The sky looked like it was about to start raining.


13:10 Bock casemates. It was a self-guided tour with a guide book, and since the way was not that easy, I kept getting lost. It was very dark and narrow, and I was going up and down without clear indication of which “floor” I was on. The entire site felt like a dungeon, or some battle site from a medieval movie. It would have been a lot more exciting (and dangerous) if it rained before and I walked around in wet shoes. EUR 3.







13:45 Out.


13:52 Back in the hostel. I decided to rest in the afternoon, since the ‘travel fatigue’ was building up.

14:05 Went to the hostel cafeteria/restaurant called melting pot. I ordered Bofferding, another Luxembourg beer alongside Battin, and sat in the patio. The view was really nice. I didn’t like the beer though. EUR 2.50.
Interestingly, it looked like seniors came here for meals.



15:15 Went to the sitting area on the second floor.

16:30 Nap.

19:50 The loud girls came in and I woke up.

20:40 Packed. Chatted with an Australian girl.

20:50 Sitting area.

23:00 Bed. The girls in the room were still loud.


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