20140601 Saverne-Offenburg-Strasbourg

8:00 Up.

8:25 Breakfast. I saw someone eating cereal with orange juice. The food was better than yesterday. They had bread and yogurt this time.

9:16 Out.

9:22 The weather was warmer than I thought it would be, so I went back to the hostel and changed into something lighter.

9:32 Train station.

9:35 Bought a ticket to Offenburg, Germany on a whim. EUR 13.60.

9:38 Platform.

9:45 Train. It was a two-car one again.

9:48 Explosion sound again. I guessed that it was for changing directions.

9:53 Train started.

10:20 Ticket check.

10:35 Strasbourg.

10:40 Changed to a different train. It was pretty crowded.

10:52 Train started.


11:22 Offenburg, Germany.


As expected, it was a small town near the border without much to do. Most stores were closed, and there were few locals eating brunch. The streets were clean, and most houses seemed relatively modern.

12:15 Back in the train station.

12:23 Struggled with the ticket machine for a while. EUR 8.50.

12:26 Platform.

12:28 On train.

13:00 Strasbourg. It was a lot less crowded than the previous day.

13:20 Aux Armes de Strasbourg, a casual restaurant near Place Gutenberg. I ordered glass of Riesling and “chicken in Riesling sauce and Alsatian noodle.”

13:30 The sauce was not too heavy, and the noodle (seemed fried) went well with it.


At the table in front of me sat a Chinese couple with their mothers. And an old white couple were staring at them with intense interest.

14:00 Done.

14:45 The waitress seemed extremely busy, and I finally got my bill after a long wait. EUR 17.10.

15:10 Sat down on a bench near a canal beside Palais du Rohan.


15:33 A busker walked by singing hallelujah and a dog excitedly barked back at him.

16:10 Walked to a outdoor patio of Terrasse des Rohan, a restaurant nearby. I saw the menu “tarte flambée” literally everywhere, so I decided to try it.


16:18 The dough was somewhere between pizza and crepe, and the sauce was a little too heavy. It was white cream, and I later found out this was soured cream. The onions on top tasted pretty strong.


16:30 Two tiny birds flew to my table and took turns attacking my food.


16:45 Done. I was in need of pickles.

17:00 Paid and left. EUR 7.80.
A lot of people were eating ice cream sundaes. I was tempted but the portions were just too big.

17:25 Train station.

17:30 Purchased a ticket. EUR 9.10.

17:32 Platform.

17:45 Seated. The train was a little different. It had spacious 6-seat compartments, and apparently was headed all the way to Brussels.


17:50 Train started. It was faster than the ones I was on before.

18:09 Ticket check.

18:12 Saverne.

18:22 Hostel.

23:00 Bed.


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