20140604 Zurich

8:30 Up.

10:50 Out.

10:52 Bus stop. I saw cows! It was close to the largest city in the country, and I saw more than ten cows casually grazing, right across the bus stop.


11:04 Bus. I had trouble opening the door and validating my ticket. The bus driver probably wondered what a tourist was doing in a suburban residential area.

11:11 Station. The bus arrived late, and all the passengers on the bus started running toward a platform, so I blindly followed the crowd.

11:12 On the train.

11:15 A blonde guy, with his hair done and in fashionable clothes, stretched out his arm and took a selfie. He looked at it, and took another one. It was an interesting scene.

11:24 Zurich.

11:30 There was something like farmer’s market going on in the main hall of the station. I bought a pastry from a booth named doner kebab. It wasn’t fully heated… CHF 5.



12:00 Fraumünster church. The stained glass window by Chagall was amazing. I loved the colours. They had lots of souvenirs for sale, and I was tempted by a semi-transparent screen for a lamp.

12:07 Out.

12:15 Lindenhof, old town of Zurich. I could see the east part of the city from uphill. Lots of people were having lunch.

12:40 Walked back down.

12:50 Started raining.

12:53 Back in the train station. Wondered around  the station and the tourist office for a bit.


13:17 Met with Sybil.

13:25 Took a tram down the road west of the river.

13:31 Got off near the lake. The water was clear, and there were lots of ducks and swans at a bank.

The way swans slept was pretty funny.


It started to rain pretty heavily while we were walking up along the river.

14:20 KITAG Kino-Theater. CHF 18.

14:27 Seated. The auditorium was pretty small. There were about 50 seats.

14:30 Commercials. There was a few German commercials and English movie trailers.

14:40 Movie Divergent started.

15:35 – 15:45 Intermission.

17:05 Done.

17:13 It was still raining outside, so we took the tram.

17:17 Off. Went to a restaurant called Santa Lucia, but their full dinner was to open at 6 PM.

17:20 – 17:55 Went to a gallery nearby, called Kunstahus. Luckily, the admission was free on Wednesday. I saw a few pieces by Claude Monet, and a few by Van Gogh. They had the famous self-portrait of Van Gogh.

18:07 Back in Santa Lucia. I ordered Carbonara Tagliatelle, one glass of wine (Castelli). The wine was dry but light. The pasta was a little salty, but pretty good. The bacon in the past was thick. I almost disassembled the cheese shredder though. We shared a dessert ice cream, which was good but expensive. I took the bill this time. CHF 70.


19:41 Out. The rain had finally stopped. Took a tram.

19:43 Off.

19:50 Train station.

20:02 On board and started.

20:18 Off.

20:20 On the bus.

20:35 Sybil’s.


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