20140610 Nice-Eze Village-Monte Carlo

1:00 Fell asleep.

7:35 Up.

7:47 Out.

7:50 Tram stop.

7:52 – 7:57 Took a tram to Place Garibaldi.

8:05 Walked over to a bus stop to realize bus #82 didn’t stop there. It didn’t show where the stop was, however.

8:10 Checked out another bus stop but this wasn’t it either. It had a picture of the location of the bus stop this time.

8:15 Couldn’t read the map and was wandering around when #82 passed by.

8:20 Went back to the first bus stop that had bus schedules. The next bus was in, dear goodness, 2 hours.

8:27 – 8:34 Took a bus back to Place Massena.

8:35 Came back to the hostel and breakfasted.

8:55 Browsed internet using the hostel computer. It was my first time using French keyboard.

9:38 Out again.

9:40 Tram stop.

9:43 – 9:48 Tram.

9:50 Bus stop.



10:11 Bus #82. The map from the hostel said it was to depart at 10:02, and the schedule at the bus stop said 10:10.

10:13 Bus departed. It was almost full, but nobody was standing, so it was alright. Somebody pressed the stop button at every single station, and the bus driver got really angry. Sybil translated his French for me.

10:33 Eze Village. The bus ride was along the mountains, so the view was great. The town was small, and I could smell the perfume from a nearby store as soon as I got off the bus. I could see the stone wall and the church at the top of the cliff.

10:35 Checked the bus stop for the bus to Monaco.

10:40 Entered medieval town.
The houses and stairs were mostly made of stones, and the roads were extremely narrow. There were many galleries and artisan shops. It was very hilly, and felt like a labyrinth and I regretted not taking a picture of the map at the entrance of the town.
















11:05 To get to the very top, I had to walk across a botanical garden, whose admission fee was 6 euros. I was supposed to be able to see all of Monaco from the top, but I decided to skip. I thought I would see Monaco anyway when I got there.


11:22 Walked to the bus stop.

11:46 In order not to be late, we waited for the 11:30 bus under the scorching sun since 11:25, and the bus came late. Ugh. And since this bus went to Monaco, day pass we bought could not be used. The bus was full too. EUR 1.50.

12:25 Got off at the last stop, Monte Carlo. Walked into the nearby tourist office.

12:26 Got a map. The weather was merciless. I thought I would die of dehydration. We walked around, and there was pretty much no shade. We took a picture of the casino and walked south, half out of mind, in search of a lunch place. There weren’t many, and most of them were very, very expensive.








13:00 Walked into a restaurant called Le M, which belonged to a hotel. I ordered “Salade M” and pineapple juice.
It was my first salad of the trip, and it was quite fancy. It was refreshing in a weather like this.




14:05 Out. The waitress spoke fluent English. EUR 20.

14:24 Walked a little through F1 grand prix track and started climbing uphill toward old town and palace of prince. Luckily there was some shade, but it was still very hot.





14:26 – 14:27 Rested.




14:38 – 14:48 Rested.









15:05 Palais du Prince. It appeared fairly new because of its minimalistic design. I felt pretty bad for the guards, who must had been standing all day in full uniform.




There were canons lined up on the side, and it looked pretty cool. There was a water fountain-looking pump nearby, but I felt pain in my throat after drinking from it.



15:15 Started walking downhill.




15:27 Place d’Armes.


15:29 We wanted to take bus #100 which was to go directly to Nice. We had no idea where it would stop, so we walked toward wherever we thought was likely. Fortunately, we found the stop right away.

15:40 Bus. It was completely packed. And of course, day pass didn’t work. EUR 1.50.

16:21 Place Garibaldi. It was sooooo hot.

16:24 – 16:29 Took a tram to Place Massena.

16:33 Walked into a nearby department store, Galerie Laffayette, for some air conditioning before walking to the hostel.

16:50 After resting at the lounge a little, we went to our room and got changed.

17:05 We left our card keys at the front desk and walked toward the beach.

17:20 Beach. The stone beach was hot. More people were lying on the beach than in the water. We put our clothes and shoes north-east of Place Massena.
The water was freezing cold! It was later in the evening, so we should have expected it. The beach was very steep, and I couldn’t touch the ground 4 m (horizontally) into the water. The colour of the water became almost black as we swam outward.

18:00 Came back out to the beach and rested a little.

18:05 We swam all the way to the buoy and back. It was pretty far. Sybil guessed around 300 m.

18:30 Finally back in the beach. I kept asking Sybil the time (for my journal) and she laughed every time I asked.

18:45 Hostel. Showered and washed my clothes. I was surprised how I was getting used to washing my clothes by hands.

19:45 Room. We were both exhausted. I wondered how I managed to play at the beach all day when I was a child.

20:15 Since this was the last night with Sybil, we decided to have a late dinner outside. It was still pretty warm, but much more bearable than during the day.


20:35 I wanted seafood, and Sybil wanted pizza, so we walked around the restaurant street forever to find a place that offered both. It took a while, but we found a place called Campo di Fiori and got a table.
I ordered an entreé + plat.


Niçoise Specialties Platter was pretty large for an appetizer. It was salad, socca and grilled tomato and meat, and pizza. There was some fish (probably sardine) on pizza and salad, which was okay at first and I found nauseating later.


Main was grilled fish (sea bass and sea bream). Sea bass had a lot of bones, so it was difficult to eat. The dish was alright. Interestingly, they didn’t add much salt to fish, but to rice.


I was too thirsty and ended up ordering sprite after my glass of wine. The crepe place had free water, but this one didn’t…

22:45 Out. EUR 29.10.



23:05 Hostel.

23:30 Fell asleep while writing the journal.


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