20140614 Barcelona-Toronto

8:45 Up. I felt terrible. I had a hard time getting up and was feeling nauseous and had light diarrhea. It felt like food poisoning.

9:42 Checked out.

9:47 Badal station.

9:54 Saints Estació station.

10:00 Bought a train ticket to the airport. EUR 4.10.

10:04 Platform.

10:20 Train. Fortunately, I got a seat.

10:21 Train started.

10:38 Airport.

10:46 Got on a shuttle bus to terminal 1.

10:47 Bus started.

11:00 Terminal 1.

11:03 Lined up for check-in.

11:15 Checked in.

11:18 – 11:21 Walked through security. I didn’t have a water bottle this time.

11:27 Got a stamp on my passport.

11:31 Quickly glanced at duty free to realize that prices were more expensive than in Canada.

11:43 Bought a bottle of water and orange juice from Santa Maria. EUR 3.75.

11:52 Bought a bag of Lays from a vending machine. EUR 1.30.
Walked over to the gate and rested.

12:48 Passed through the gate.

12:55 Seated. There was a screaming baby nearby. Oh dear goodness.

13:25 Plane started moving.

13:45 Took off.

14:40 Pasta. It was okay, but I wasn’t feeling well so I couldn’t finish.

19:45 Chicken wrap with potato inside. Ate half of it.

20:45 Completed immigration form.

– 6 hours

15:28 Landed. Bye, screaming baby. You made me suffer.

15:38 Montreal airport.

15:42 Passed through customs.

15:55 – 16:00 Passed through security again. Who on earth came up with this kind of system??

16:02 Gate again.

16:40 Passed through the gate.

16:45 Seated.

16:57 Plane started.

17:12 Took off.

17:30 Got pretzels.

18:06 Landed.

18:21 Gate.

18:30 Met dad. So ready to go home.


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