4-Week Europe Trip Cost Breakdown

Total Cost: $4426.40 (CAD)

  1. Preparation – $367.20
  2. Transportation – $1826.04
  3. Lodging – $877.54
  4. Food – $844.04
  5. Tours – $261.34
  6. Miscellaneous – $250.24

Note: Everything is in Canadian dollars.
Note 2: I did 4-week (28 days), but the first day and the last day were mostly spent up in the air.

Preparation – $367.20

I did not have much travel gear, so I bought a lot. I don’t recall the exact list, but here are some of the following:

  1. Backpack (Gregory Stash Duffle)
  2. Wind breaker (MEC Yoho – it’s discontinued but I think I paid around $60)
  3. Day bag (Travelon Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bag)
  4. Battery pack (Anker)
  5. Travel liquid bottles (GSI bottle set – the reviews are horrible but I loved them)
  6. Booklight, notebook, pens
  7. Ziploc’s, and some other small miscellaneous things

Transportation – $1826.04

I bought tickets for longer trips ahead:

  1. Flight from Toronto to Copenhagen
  2. Flight from Copenhagen to Amsterdam
  3. Flight from Geneva to Nice
  4. Flight from Nice to Barcelona
  5. Flight from Barcelona to Toronto
  6. Train from Amsterdam to Bruges
  7. Train from Brussels to Luxembourg City

And of course, there were many small trips including shorter train rides and local transit fares. I was staying at a friend’s place near Zurich for 5 days, so I saved on lodging and spent more on transportation. I think it evened out in the end, because transportation in Switzerland was not cheap. I stayed about 3 nights in one city.

For the record, the main flight ticket (Toronto -> Copenhagen, Barcelona -> Toronto) was $899.36.

Lodging – $877.54

I made all my reservations through hihostel or hostelworld about couple months in advance. Again, I stayed at a friend’s for about five nights so lodging cost was lower than anticipated. It was normally between 30 and 40 dollars a night.

  1. Reservation fees – $163.86
  2. Week 1 – $218.60
  3. Week 2 – $243.04
  4. Week 3 – $40.32 (Switzerland)
  5. Week 4 – $211.72

Food – $844.04

I did splurge quite a bit on food. I went to a lot of sit-down restaurants (although not super fancy). I think I tried to save a bit in the beginning and went all-out in the end.

  1. Week 1 – $118.54
  2. Week 2 – $204.26
  3. Week 3 – $292.38 (Switzerland…)
  4. Week 4 – $228.86

Tour – $261.34

These are mostly admission fees, tour fees (ex. boat tour) and tips for tour guides. I did not go to that many museums.

Miscellaneous – $250.24

Gifts, locker fees, public bathroom fees, etc., and $47.25 that I lost when I misplaced my travel wallet.


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