Flying Eva Air from San Francisco to Taipei – Boeing 777-333ER

2016 November 19th

I never really enjoyed flying on aircrafts. Most of my flight experience involved flying between San Francisco and Toronto with Air Canada, on Airbus A320. It’s about a 5-hour flight in a small aircraft with no blanket and no free food.

My flight from San Francisco to Taipei sounded pretty dreadful as well – 14 hour direct flight departing at 12:20 AM, expected to land at 6:10 AM. It was going to be the longest flight in my life, and a red-eye one. I had some hopes though, since Eva Airways was announced one of the top 10 airlines in 2016. Fortunately, my expectation was not wrong.


The seat definitely felt more spacious and comfortable than what I was used to. According to SeatGuru, the pitch was 33 inches and the width was 18.3 inches. Compared to Air Canada A320 seat (31 inches x 17.8 inches) and even other economy seats, it was on the larger side. Their blanket and pillow were pretty good as well. I was able to get a decent amount of sleep.

Entertainment System

The entertainment system was great. It had a lot of movies and TV shows, including those from HBO. I couldn’t tell for other Asian countries, but they had a good selection of Korean movies.


This is part of the menu:

I had the stir-fried pork.

It was decent, and the bread was warm.

In the middle of the flight, a flight attendant walked around (in dark) with a tray filled with snacks. I picked some kind of rice cracker, which was delicious:

They served another meal close to the end of the flight. I chose the porridge option and it was amazing!


I was surprised that the same economy class could differ so much in quality across different airlines. It was better, even when I compared it to other trans-pacific flights I flew with North American airlines. The seat was good, service was great I would definitely fly EVA air again.


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