Longshan Temple


2016 Nov 19th

It was hot, humid, and crowded on the Saturday afternoon. For a temple that was built almost 300 years ago, it appeared well-maintained. It was fairly small so I didn’t spend too much time here. There were lots of people praying.


I made a wish and threw two red wooden pieces. If the pieces show different sides, apparently the wish will come true. You can also pick up one of the wooden sticks and get a sheet with your fortune from the drawer with the matching number. There is a book with English translation near the drawer.


There was a water station near the exit, which was great.


The offerings on the table were modern and diverse. A few merchants outside the temple sell the dish with flowers.


I initially went here because the receptionist at the hostel told me there was going to be a parade. However, people at the temple told me otherwise and that it was at a different table (Qingshan temple), which I was able to catch on the way back to the hostel. The parade was very loud and involved lots of small fireworks.




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