Meander Taipei Hostel

2016 Nov 19 – 2016 Nov 23

  • Room: 4 bed mixed dorm
  • Price: ~NTD 700 (USD 22) per night
  • Location: 10 minute walk from subway station. The neighbourhood was quiet but felt a little out-of-nowhere.
  • Atmosphere: The lobby felt new, clean and young.

The room size was okay. There was one bathroom inside the room, which was small but clean. The bed was clean and comfortable. There is a curtain all around the bed that provides great privacy. A/C in the room was also great and easy to control.

The lobby had couches, tables, maps, and some other useful tourist information. The receptionist spoke good English and was very helpful.

Note that you cannot wear shoes inside the building, but must wear slippers located near the front door. Most of the slippers were old and falling apart. They have different sizes, so I had to do some digging to find small ones.



Bed side lamp/plug and small storage area


Tourist information in the lobby area



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