Can’s Teahouse

2016 Nov 20th

This place was recommended to me by a tea-guru coworker’s friend. It was close to the popular Yong Kang beef noodle place so I visited here after a heavy lunch. Given the fact that this place doesn’t have a tripadvisor page and its Google maps name was in Chinese, I was a little skeptical, but this turned out to be my favourite place in Taipei.

It’s a small place in a residential neighbourhood. It has 4 floors, and they have some exhibition/store space in other floors besides the first, where you drink tea.

The staff spoke good English and recommended tea after asking some questions. I went with a Oolong tea whose name I unfortunately do not remember any more. But it tasted really good; very floral and on the light side. The price for the tea actually includes a cookie (that tasted amazing) and a tiny can of the tea that has about 5 servings, so it was actually a pretty good deal.

I never used Asian teaware before so the staff taught me how to brew the tea. It was a very fun experience, especially the part where you try not to spill everything from the gaiwan (bowl for infusing the tea).

They also sold teawares and books on teas so it was fun browsing around after. The whole place had a very modern, clean feel to it.

I ended up staying here for close to 2 hours since they give you unlimited hot water. Looking out the window watching locals walk by while drinking tea was very relaxing. I would definitely come again if I come back to Taipei.



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