National Palace Museum

2016 Nov 20th

  • Disclaimer: I’m not a museum/gallery person and visit only a few when I’m traveling.
  • Entrance Fee NTD 250 + audio guide NTD 200 (~ USD 15)
  • Tip: Go early in the morning. And you don’t really need the audio guide.


I went in around 9 in the morning, about half an hour after opening. I had to take the subway and then a bus to get to the museum. The museum surprisingly was not large so it only took me about 2 hours to see most of it. Interestingly, the museum has a much bigger collection and exhibits only a small portion of them at a time.

There was quite a bit of English description so I stopped using the audio guide half way through. They also require a piece of ID for the audio guide and return it to you when you return the audio guide.



The most popular item in the whole museum appeared to be this napa cabbage piece made of jade.


There was a huge line to see this. Fortunately I went early so I didn’t wait too long, but when I walked past that place close to 11 o’ clock, the line was really long especially due to group tourists.



The exhibitions comprised of tons of pottery pieces, Asian paintings, calligraphy, art pieces made out of jade and bronze. I really liked the pottery parts.



They had many interesting pieces, but the museum is a little far from the city. I probably would not visit again, but if you’re interested in Asian art and have a bit of time, then I would recommend visiting the museum.



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