Shilin Night Market

2016 Nov 19th

After getting off from Jiantan station, I was a little lost. I walked towards what was marked “Shilin night market” on the map, but it was much more than just food; it had tons of  clothes, accessories, and other items for sale.

I managed to get to the very crowded street that had some street food stalls. I have a feeling that I probably should have gone to a different street, but unfortunately I couldn’t find any good map or directions about this place that night either on my phone or from surroundings.

I was very tired after a red-eye flight the previous night, and I arrived late, so I only got two items.

First, a bun with pork inside. The line was fairly long and I had to wait a while, about 30 minutes if I remember right. It was very juicy and flavourful, and extremely hot (temperature-wise). I wish the bread was a little thinner, but the filling was amazing. I bit into it carelessly and got some of the greasy juice on my shirt. It was NTD 50 (~ USD 1.5).

The “cube steaks” appeared to be one of the most popular items in the night market as I saw several stalls selling them. The meat wasn’t top quality but still very decent. It’s fun to watch the meat being cooked as well. They have different seasonings and I chose “specialty”. It was very spicy and a little overpowering, and I wished I got something else. NTD 100 (~ USD 3)

By the time I was done I had missed the last subway back into the city, so I took Uber back to the hostel. It was only around USD 5 for the ride back, which was not bad at all.

I really wish I did more research of the area before. If you go, make sure to look up where exactly you’re going before!


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