Yong Kang Beef Noodle

2016 Nov 20th

  • Visited: Weekend lunch
  • Ate:
    • Beef noodles with soybean sauce and spicy
    • Steamed hog spareribs
  • Cost: NTD 295 (~USD 10) for the noodles and half the spareribs


I got to wait under the blazing sun since there was no shade where the line was. Some people had their umbrellas out and so did I. It was still very hot. The line was long but thankfully moved pretty fast. I was seated on the second floor, which was cooler than downstairs.


The spareribs came out first. It tasted a little similar to the Korean spicy pork bone soup. It was quite flavourful with some sweet potatoes on the bottom.

Then came the famous beef noodle soup. It wasn’t as spicy or oily as it appeared. My impression of it was: thin udon noodles + very rich, slightly spicy soup that tasted similar to Korean yook-gae-jang soup + very tender beef pieces.


The place isn’t anything fancy and even the water is self-served. The food was pretty good but it felt a little expensive for what it was. But I might go again if I visit Taipei again.



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