The More Lounge

2016 Nov 23rd

  • Visited: Weekday morning

I didn’t have that much time in Taouyuan international airport for my flight to Vietnam, but I managed to visit one of the lounges I had access to with Priority Pass Select membership. This was my first experience with Priority Pass Select, and compared to my usual experience of waiting at the gate, the lounge was amazing! Well, I’ll be honest. I’m very weak to free food in general…


Fish balls. They were quite impressive and very umami.

Freshly made soup noodle from noodle bar. It was good but nothing overwhelming.

Custard bun which was good, and barley tea which was absolutely amazing. It was similar to Korean sweet rice drinks.


There were lots of empty seats and the lounge was overall very quiet.

They even had massage chairs! I don’t know why but I was a little intimidated so I didn’t go in.


I had the opportunity to visit another lounge in the same airport on my way from Hong Kong to San Francisco because I was laying over in TPE. 24-hour plaza premium lounge had great cubicles but I wish the more lounge was open at the time since I liked this one better.



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