Hong Hanh – Ha Long Bay Restaurant

2016 Nov 23

  • Visited: Weekday dinner
  • Ate: Seafood hot pot
  • Price: VND 400k (~ USD 20) per person


This was a suggestion from a tour agency I visited earlier that day. When I arrived around 7 PM it was mostly empty but there were some others.

The hostess, after realizing that my travel mate and I were completely clueless, took us to the basement floor that had fresh seafood and let us choose which ones we wanted. I was unfortunately still clueless, so I asked for suggestions. Below is what I got. The taro balls (fried ones) were a separate order.

The seafood was amazingly fresh. I could see the colours changing on the squid, which was cool. They were boiled in slightly sour soup.


The process was a little confusing. I was told that the waiters would be helping us out so sometimes they came by, put some in and took the cooked ones out. But they didn’t come by often enough so I had to do quite a bit on my own.

The seafood tasted very fresh but the soup wasn’t really my thing due to its sourness. I didn’t like the squid or the fish, and the shrimp took a lot of effort to eat. But I don’t like steamed or boiled seafood in general. I was also in a pretty bad mood due to my travel mate, so this place is probably better than what it sounds like in this review.

They also gave me some desserts on the house.



Overall, it was an interesting experience. I’m glad I got to try it, but I don’t think I would go back.



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