Wyndham Ha Long Restaurant

2016 Nov 23 – 2016 Nov 27

The restaurant (a.k.a. Blue Bay restaurant) was connected to the huge lobby area of the hotel, on the other side of the reception. It was clean, spacious, and modern-looking. The service was good.



There was a selection of warm food on the side of the buffet.

I tried the pho, which was absolutely amazing! I tried chicken and beef options and I liked chicken better. The broth was clean-tasting yet very flavourful. It was so good I had it every morning.

The porridge was also very good. I never had porridge with peanuts before, but it was surprisingly delicious.

There was a selection of fresh fruits, cereals, and yogurt in the middle. The fruits were really good.

My favourite was the rambutan.

There was also a few desserts.



  • Visited: Weekday dinner
  • Ate: Traditional pan-fried sea bass, Ha Long sunset (mocktail)
  • Price: ~VND 480k (~ USD 21)

Interestingly, I was the only one in the restaurant for the most part when I visited, except when the general manager was having dinner nearby. I didn’t mind since it was quiet and peaceful.

The bread came with 3 spreads, which was a nice touch. The cloth in the bread basket had some dust though.

The fish was good, but slightly bland. The presentation was really nice though.


The restaurant felt luxurious and spacious overall. I absolutely loved the breakfast (partially because it was included in my reservation, haha).


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