Cafe Po Co

2016 Nov 27

  • Visited: Weekend afternoon
  • Ate: Iced egg coffee
  • Price: VND 45k (~ USD 2)
  • Tip: Rooftop has the view of the Hoan Kiem lake, but it’s also very hot if you end up under the sun.

Getting There

This is one of the very popular places to visit in Hanoi, and a lot of reviews mentioned it being hard to find. I managed to get to the location, but I still felt lost. I couldn’t find the entrance.

It turned out that I actually had to go into the silk shop, which had an alleyway at the back that led to the cafe. The cafe was a beautiful, quiet place with lots of birds and a cat. It almost felt magical, partly because getting there itself felt like a mini adventure.


I ordered iced egg coffee and went up to the rooftop. All the tables were occupied, but there was one table under the sun only one person was sitting, so my travel mate and I joined him and chatted for a bit.

After a 20-minute wait and some confusion, I got the coffee. It was good and very unique, but I think the egg foam was a little too much.

The sun was getting unbearably hot. I did like the view, so I would recommend going up to the rooftop, looking at the view, and then going to the second floor which is much quieter and cooler to have drink/food there instead.


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