Temple of Literature

2016 Nov 27

  • Visited: Weekend afternoon
  • Price: VND 30k (~ USD)
  • Tip: When I visited was the graduation season, therefore insanely packed.


I walked to the temple of literature from old quarter, which turned out to be a bad choice since the air pollution was really bad. Crossing the streets, was definitely scary at first (tons of motorcycles that do not stop and no cross walk) but I did get used to it.

I had high hopes for this place since it was the most popular attraction in Hanoi. When I got there, I was surprised for a different reason. So many students!

Even at the entrance I could tell that it would be very, very crowded inside. Nonetheless, I bought a ticket from the ticket booth and went in.

There were some less crowded areas, but pretty much everywhere students were taking pictures. Well, more precisely, they were getting their grad photos taken. It was interesting to see students trying to take serene, beautiful, solo pictures amidst the crowd. I later found out from a local that it was the graduation season, hence so many students.

What I thought would be a nice, quiet stroll around the garden turned out to be an interesting cultural peak at local students. I think I would have enjoyed it much more if I were in a better mood.



At first I was very disappointed, because I usually enjoy quieter, less crowded places. But I think the students (especially the girls wearing beautiful traditional dresses) actually made more of a sight than the temple itself.



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