Hanoi Cooking Class

2016 Nov 29

  • Done: Weekday morning
  • Ate: Bun cha, spring rolls
  • Price: USD 35 per person (including tip)
    • Taxi ride: VND 42k (~ USD 2) to get back to my hotel in old quarter


We booked the class through backstreet academy. The class started with grocery shopping in the nearby market with the lady who was going to teach us, and two college students who translated for us.


Then we went to the lady’s house and we started cooking in her kitchen. As with other cooking classes of this type, most of the cooking was done by her but we helped out with cleaning and chopping up ingredients.


I unfortunately don’t remember much of the cooking since I was feeling unwell and unfortunately there wasn’t really any place to sit in the kitchen. After cooking was done, we came out to her living room and ate.

The food was absolutely delicious. Bun cha was actually better than the one I had in a shop in Hanoi. Charcoal-grilled BBQ meat was mind blowing. The seasoning was somewhat similar to Korean galbi (sweet with soy sauce flavour).

The dessert, red dragon fruit, was also much better than the one I had in Ha Long bay hotel.



I don’t think this would be a good tour for people with germaphobia, but besides the food being amazing, being able to talk to local students and learning about their culture was fascinating. They were both very friendly and fairly talkative and with the help of Google translator we were able to talk quite a bit throughout the class.


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