Dragon’s Back Trail

2016 Dec 1

  • Visited: Weekday morning (7 AM)
  • Duration: 2 hours and 10 minutes
  • Course: Shek O Road – Dragon’s Back Peak – Shek O Beach
  • Ate: 2 rice balls and pineapple flavoured water
  • Price (for food): HKD 33.4 (~ USD 4)
  • Tip:
    • If you’re short on time just go back to Shek O Road instead of continuing to Shek O beach. That stretch is shorter and has better view.
    • Getting back from Shek O Beach can be tricky.

Getting There

I got up at 6 AM and bought couple of rice balls and pineapple-flavoured water from 7-eleven near the hotel. After taking a subway and then a bus, I got to the starting point of the trail. It was a little past 7 AM so the sun was already up.


This was my favourite part of the trail. It was mostly either stairs or flat surface so it was very comfortable to walk. There were lots of trees which blocked wind during the ascent, and the scenery on the way to the peak was gorgeous.

Dragon’s Back Peak

After about 30 minutes of ascent I got to the peak. There was no tree so it was pretty cold due to wind.

I was absolutely starving at this point so I had my breakfast. The rice balls had no English writing on them. There were labels on the shelf but they were unassorted when I picked them, so I had no idea what was in them. I was hoping that at least one of them would be chicken teriyaki, but no luck. One was fake crab meat with mayonnaise and the other was calamari with weird seasoning. The flavoured water was great, though.


After a bit of stairs, it was mostly very flat and the latter part was paved road so I ended up running parts of it. There were enough trees so the sun was not too bad. I was actually worried since I did not see a single person for a while, but I came across quite a few in the last quarter. Interestingly more than half of those people were Caucasians. The total descent took 1 hour and 30 minutes. The scenery wasn’t as great as the ascent but nonetheless pleasant.

Shek O Beach

At the end of the trail, I arrived at a small town called Tai Long Wan. It was close to a small beach and there were surf shops here and there. There was even a public shower near the beach, so I wish

Getting Back

This was the tricky part. There was supposed to be a bus at the parking lot area near the beach, but that bus never came. Instead, I got on a small local bus that only took cash and the driver did not speak English. I managed to get back to the hotel, though. I wonder why that bus never came.


I absolutely loved it. It was my favourite part of Hong Kong trip. I originally wanted to get to the peak before sunset but I had no real flashlight, so I decided against it. I think I would love to try that if I ever get to go again.

I also did another trail the next day (Lantau trail), and that one was much more strenuous than this one. I loved both, but the scenery of Dragon Back’s trail was on a different level altogether. It was surprising how one hour of public transportation could get me from middle of skyscrapers to a mystical hiking trail. Ah, just thinking about it makes me want to go again.


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