Gia Ngu Restaurant

2016 Nov 29

  • Visited: Tuesday
  • Ate: Curry Chicken in Coconut, Jasmine Tea
  • Price: VND 270k (~ USD 12)


The restaurant was located at the basement floor of a hotel in old quarter. It was a pretty small place with nice interior. The food felt mostly modern, fusion food instead of authentic.

Instead of bread, they gave out chips! I think they were shrimp chips.

The coconut curry dish seemed very popular according to the reviews, and it did look very cool.

The coconut flavour was not that strong and the curry itself was alright, but the chicken and carrots were cooked to perfection.

When the waitress asked if I would like my curry spicy during the order, I thought it would be fine since Vietnam isn’t known for spicy food. The curry was SPICY. I was close to tears by the end. I think the waitress pitied me because she gave me a dessert and told me it would help me cool down. It was green bean pudding with coconut chips, and it tasted great.




The service and the atmosphere was great. I wished I asked non-spicy for the curry, but besides that I really liked it overall.


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