Hanoi Old Quarter

2016 Nov 27 – 2016 Nov 30


Hanoi was a very interesting city. I mostly stayed in the old quarter, and it had a very interesting mixture of modern and antique, busy and peaceful places.

I loved the night views of the old quarter near the Hoan Kiem lake when it was quieter than during the day.

But of course, the night market was very crowded.

There were also interesting stores here and there.

And there was this very interesting looking wedding in the middle of the road.

To be honest, I was not a huge fan of the city while I was there. It was crowded. It was very different. I felt overwhelmed. Every crossing of the street was a dangerous adventure (at least so it seemed to me), and there was construction everywhere, along with terrible air pollution. But it certainly had its charm and it let me take a peak at a different world I had never been to.

Best of all was the people. Everyone I came across was very friendly. I was sitting down near the lake, writing something, when this Vietnamese college student sat beside me and randomly started talking to me. He spoke good English, and with the help of Google translator we chatted for a good hour about culture, history, and politics. The way it happened, how spontaneous it was, was one of the most interesting experiences during my trips.


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