Hui Lau Shan (Mango Dessert Store)

2016 Dec 1

  • Visited: Weekday afternoon
  • Ate: A1 Mango Juice Jumbo Size
  • Price: HKD 28 (~ USD 3.5)
  • Tip: Locations in touristy areas charge higher for the same drink.


There were multiple branches throughout the city. I was intending to go to Chi Lin nunnery and Nan Lian garden so I went to one near Diamond Hill. To my surprise, the store was actually located inside a mall, on the top floor.


I heard that A1 was the most popular, so that’s the one I got. Jelly + mango juice that was more close to a puree + small mango pieces combination tasted amazing. The juice was very thick and fresh and very, VERY, mango. I do love mango so I really enjoyed it. It was a very refreshing drink on a hot day. The jelly part wasn’t that good, and I think you can order without it.




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