Tai Cheong Bakery

2016 Nov 30

  • Visited: Weekday evening (5:35 PM)
  • Ate: Egg tart
  • Price: HKD 8 (~ USD 1)


There are multiple variations of custard tarts and Hong Kong egg tarts is one of them. I was actually lucky enough to have been to the Portuguese custard tart place near Lisbon, and I loved it. I have also had Hong Kong egg tarts in San Francisco, which I also loved. So I was pretty excited to try the one in Hong Kong.

It was around dinner time when I got to the bakery so it was not crowded at all.


This was my dessert after dinner, so I just bought one. It was different from both the Portuguese one and the San Francisco one. The crust was made of pie dough, not pastries as in the previous two. The content also tasted less of egg and the texture felt more like a pudding. It also tasted slightly more sweet. I still liked it and ended up getting another one later in the trip. But to be completely honest, I think I like the other two better than this one.



I’m glad I got to try it though, just because this one was very different than other ones I had tried before. One unfortunate thing was that there was no place to eat and I didn’t want to bring it all the way back to the hotel, so I stood in the non-crowded pedestrian area and ate while standing.


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