Dim Dim Sum

2016 Dec 1

  • Visited: Weekday afternoon
  • Ate: Har Gow, Siu Mai, Shrimp rice roll
  • Price: HKD 63 (~ USD 8) after discount
  • Tip: 30% discount from 2 PM until dinner
  • Link: Tripadvisor

There were multiple branches, and I visited the one near Mong Kok station around 3:10 PM. After waiting for about 10 minutes standing outside, I got a seat beside two ladies. It was a small, casual restaurant.

Har gow was pretty good. The shrimp was really fresh. But the gem was the siu mai. It was the best I have ever had, and I always order siu mai because it is my favourite type of dim sum. Ah, the juice when I bit into it!

I also ordered a rice roll with shrimp inside. The texture was very interesting. It felt like crispy shrimp spring rolls wrapped in sticky rice paper. It was too greasy for me so I did not finish it.

The most fun part of the visit was when the lady beside me pointed at food items and told me her opinions of them. She pointed at siu mai, saying it’s not that good, and then at har gow, saying it’s alright, and then at another table and told me that one was good. She didn’t speak good English but it was a very interesting interaction. Unfortunately this conversation happened after I ordered my food so I couldn’t order whatever the other table was eating.


It had good food and the service was fast (not too friendly). Siu mai was absolutely amazing, and 30% discount deal was great. The menu was pretty big, so I wouldn’t mind visiting again.


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