Lan Fong Yuen (Hong Kong Milk Tea)

2016 Dec 3

  • Visited: Saturday 8:40 AM
  • Ordered
    • Hong Kong Style Crispy Bun
    • Cold Hong Kong Milk Tea
  • Price: HKD 32 (~ USD 4)
  • Link: Tripadvisor


This was apparently the place that first made Hong Kong style milk tea, or lai cha. I heard that Hong Kong celebrities sometimes visited this place, but unfortunately I had no such luck. Befitting its fame, it was old and kind of run-down. They had big tables so I sat down with a whole bunch of others. Overall atmosphere was very cheerful, with waiters running around.

The toast was the more popular option, but I ordered the Hong Kong style crispy bun. I honestly don’t remember why because I usually go with the signature dishes. Anyhow, I think the bun had condensed milk inside.

I heard that some people love the milk tea and others hate it, but luckily I was the former. I loved it. The tea taste was much stronger than the milk tea I tried in Taiwan. It would make an amazing summer drink.

A lot of people were eating some kind of soup with macaroni and ham inside, which looked very unique. I would love to try it if I get a chance to go back.


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