Lantau Trail and Ngong Ping

2016 Dec 2

  • Visited: Weekday morning
  • Duration: 2 hours and 25 minutes
  • Course: Pak Kung Au – Lantau Peak – Wisdom Path
  • Ate: Egg salad sandwich and sports drink
  • Price
    • Sandwich and drink: HKD 21.4 (~ USD 3)
    • Ngong Ping cable car: HKD 130 (~ USD 17)
  • Tip:
    • Stairs are very steep. Wear comfortable shoes.
    • Try not to exert yourself during ascent. You’ll regret it during descent.
    • Go either on a cloudy day or in the morning. There is very little shade.


Getting There

The trail was in Lantau island, where the Hong Kong international airport and Disney island were located. I first got egg salad sandwich and some sports drink from a convenience store called Circle K and took 2 different buses to get to the starting point, Pak Kung Au.



It took me about 1 hour and 20 minutes to get to Lantau peak. It was twice as hard as drgaon’s back trail I did the day earlier. The amount of stairs I had to climb up was overwhelming. Often there were steep slopes on both sides of the stairs with no tree to shield me from strong winds. The stairs were also very steep so I was afraid that I might slip and fall. I only saw one couple during the whole hike, which didn’t help.

I don’t hike often so I kept thinking to my self, I’m going there? It just looked too far.

The egg salad sandwiches were great, a little on the sweet side. After a miserable attempt the day before at randomly picking rice balls, I decided not to risk it this time.


Lantau Peak

It felt high. Much higher than Dragon’s back peak. It was cloudy so the view was interesting but not as good as the one from Dragon’s back. There was a small shed for emergency.



Stairs continued, endlessly. Each step was very steep so I slowed down and tried not to fall to death. I felt a little nauseous so I had to take a seat for a bit in the middle. My legs were literally shaking by the end.

Near the end of the trail, I could see the big buddha.

I also walked by a cow that was casually grazing right next to the trail. It was a little bit terrifying.

And I finally got to the wisdom path!


Ngong Ping

I walked to Ngong Ping cable car station from the wisdom path. I got lost a little bit so it took me about 20 minutes to get there.

Ngong Ping cable cars are very popular, so I was a little worried since I heard about people having to wait for hours to go down the mountain. Fortunately, I was there when the big buddha area was about to open (I think), meaning the cable cars going down were literally empty. There was absolutely nobody in the waiting area and I got on the cable car alone. The view from the cable car was amazing, and the whole ride took about 20 minutes.

It was pretty packed when I got to the other stop.



It was exhausting. The scenery was not as nice as dragon’s back trail, but it was a physically fun adventure. Apparently the other peak near the trail, sunset peak, is much harder. I had not really done much hiking before this trip for a few years, and I usually hated it when I was a kid. I liked it a lot more than I thought, and it’s become something I would look out for when I’m traveling.


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