L’atelier de Joel Robuchon

2016 Dec 3

  • Visited: Saturday 12 PM
  • Ordered: 3-course meal
  • Price: HKD 620 (~ USD 80)
    • One of my item had an extra charge.
  • Dress code: Smart casual
  • Link: Tripadvisor, Official website, Lunch menu (I don’t know why but the menu link in the official website never works for me)


Lunch at a 3-michelin-star restaurant for under 100 dollars? Yes, please! Well, that was pretty much the sole reason why I made the reservation. I don’t do fine dining much, so I really wanted to try out at a more affordable location.

I got a seat at the bar, which was HKD 100 (~ USD 13) cheaper than the table option. I could actually watch people cook, which was interesting. It felt pretty formal overall, and some ladies were wearing dresses.



The bread was good and I loved the variety. But it wasn’t anything special.


Amuse bouche looked very interesting, and I think fine-dining-ish with a bunch of inedible items on a plate that didn’t look like a plate. Foie gras (which I now wish I didn’t touch) with some kind of foam actually tasted pretty good. The croquette was alright.


Salmon tartare and caviar tasted good, but not very memorable. I had never had caviar before, and the texture was certainly different than what I expected. It was pretty different from other fish roe I had before. There were flakes of gold in the middle, although I can never understand people’s obsession with eating gold.


Black cod was amazing. It was grilled to perfection and melted in my mouth. The mashed potato that came with it was also very good.


I had jasmine tea and cherry dessert at the end. The sorbet and the macaron was good. The tea was not as good as the one I tried the day before at Ming Cha teahouse.



I was always curious about fine dining – the ones with luxurious ingredients and fancy plating. I think this was a great option thanks to its affordable price for a 3-star restaurant. I enjoyed the experience, but would I try again? Probably not, unless it’s a completely different type of cuisine. I don’t think my taste buds are developed enough to appreciate the subtle flavours, and having to pack more formal clothes on a trip is a bit of a nuisance for a backpacker like me, haha.


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