Ming Cha (Teahouse)

2016 Dec 2

  • Visited: Weekday afternoon
  • Had: Tea tasting
  • Price: HKD 100 (~ USD 13) / tea


The location was odd. It was in some factory building that didn’t feel like it would have any store inside. When I walked over to the elevator, the staff helped me get on a freight elevator.

It looked more like a tea company’s office with tea serving area than a teahouse. My travel mate and I were the only ones there for most of the visit. The workshop was a little expensive (HKD 300 ~ USD 39 per person), so we went for tea tasting instead. They let us sample one more tea.

We were helped by an intern, who was quite knowledgeable. She told us about where each tea came from, difference between different types of teas, how to brew tea, etc. It felt like a tea lesson.

I got to try Tieguanyin classic, jasmine blossom, and another type of tea I do not remember. The first was heavy and rich, with sweet aftertaste. The staff said it’s a good tea to drink after a heavy dinner.

The second was their signature. It was thousand day red flower and green tea leaves hand-woven into a small ball that blooms when put in hot water. It looked really pretty and the jasmine scent was really strong.


I ended up buying a small portion of both. The price was not cheap but not too expensive for good tea. 5 balls of the jasmine tea was HKD 100 (~ USD 13) and 70 g of Tieguanyin tea was HKD 210 (~ USD 27).

Another lady who looked like the owner talked to us for a bit during the last few minutes of my stay, and she was really funny. She highly praised Singapore and really made me want to visit Singapore.



I loved how the overall atmosphere was very friendly and casual. I didn’t know tea very well but both staffs were very easy to talk to so I asked quite a bit of questions. I think this is a really good place to visit regardless of your expertise on tea.


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