The Butler (Japanese Cocktail Bar)

2016 Dec 2

  • Visited: Friday 9:15 PM
  • Ordered: 2 cocktails
  • Price: HKD 273 (~ USD 35)
  • Link: Tripadvisor


It was a small bar that felt fancy. The bartenders were very dressed up, some in white suits.

Their pricing was interesting. There was HKD 30 (~ USD 4) cover charge, 10% service charge, and HKD 200 (~ USD 26) minimum per person requirement. I ordered two different cocktails.

The first one, called “fairy”, was a lychee-flavoured cocktail, was pretty strong and not very sweet. It felt very refreshing.


The second one I got was cassis orange. The bartender asked whether I would like it sweet or bitter, so I ordered the sweet version. It was just my type! It tasted very orange-y and very sweet (and I love sweet cocktails).


I think the most fun par was watching the bartenders, since I was sitting at the bar. The bartenders were grinding tomato and orange (not with machines, but by hand), doing something with eggs, etc. It felt very “legit”, for lack of a better word. They seemed pretty busy so there wasn’t really much chat between the bartenders and guests, but it was interesting nonetheless.

It got pretty busy by the time I was getting up, so I would recommend making a reservation.


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