Tim Ho Wan Dim Sum

2016 Dec 2

  • Visited: Weekday 11:25 AM
  • Ate
    • Baked BBQ Pork Dim Sum
    • Siu Mai
    • Beef Ball with Bean Curd
  • Price: HKD 67 (~ USD 8.5)
  • Link: Tripadvisor


A dim sum restaurant that is affordable and has a michelin star! I was pretty excited to try this out. There were multiple branches and I visited the one near Olympic station. It was part of a mall, with the entrance outside the mall. The restaurant was large. I got a seat after a 5 minute wait, and I had to sit with a quiet old man. It felt awkward at first but then the food came.

Baked BBBQ pork dim sum came out first. This, hands down, was the best dim sum dish I have ever had. It was glorious. A lot of people raved about this in their reviews, so I knew it would be good. But I was underestimating this. It was incredibly delicious. This was the best dish I had during this trip.

The content, BBQ pork, was sweet and salty just to the right degree. It tasted great, but the bun was the real highlight. It was different than other pork buns I had before. The crust on top of the bun was thin, crispy, and sweet like cookie. But it was thin enough that it was not overpowering. If I ever get to stay in Hong Kong for a decently long period, I could see myself getting this very frequently.


Siu mai was good, but I actually liked the one from dim dim sum better. This one had more shrimp.


Beef ball with bean curd was interesting. It tasted very strong of certain spice I could not identify, and a little too oily for my taste. I really liked the texture of the bean curd, though.




This is on the top of my visit-again list, because the pork buns were that amazing. I saw a lot of locals eating rice dishes, so I would love to try that as well. The restaurant was pretty crowded, the service was not friendly, but the food was sooo good.


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