Kyoto Hostel – Mosaic Hostel

2017 Mar 30 – 2017 Apr 06

  • Room: 30 bed mixed dorm
  • Price: JPY 4000 (~ USD 36) per night
  • Location: 10 minute walk from Kyoto station (from the South exit). Residential neighbourhood.
  • Atmosphere: Clean, new, mostly quiet + some loud people
  • Link: TripadvisorOfficial website


After exiting the Kyoto station (which was huge and complex) through the South exit, walking past a huge shopping mall and then a residential neighbourhood, I got to the hostel. The building was pretty small and right across an elementary school.

2017-03-30 18.03.24



The hostel was very new overall, and the receptionist spoke fluent English. The lobby area also had a seating area and cafe.





2017-03-31 14.27.23

After a quick check-in process (using a vending machine) I grabbed a pair of slippers and went up to the room. I was assigned a room on the 3rd floor, and they had an elevator.



I was quite terrified about the 30-bed dorm room idea, and it did feel pretty small. But the beds were set up similarly to capsule hotels so the privacy was much better than traditional dorm rooms. When I pulled the shade down it felt very private. But it was still a shade so not soundproof and no lock.

2017-03-30 18.10.41

The bedding was very comfortable with full duvet, and they also gave me a bath towel to use during the stay. At the end of the room there was a rack for drying the towels. Inside the capsule there was a hanger on the side, which was very convenient. There was actually a decent amount of space between the mattress and the divider so I ended up storing most of my things there.

2017-03-30 18.59.06


The room itself was set up very interestingly. There was a bathroom area right after getting off from the elevator, then there was a card-key-operated door, then a locker room, then the bedroom. It was annoying to have to bring the key card every time I had to use the bathroom. The bathrooms of course had bidet.

There were 5 bathrooms (1 dedicated to women), 3 showers, and 4 sinks. Sometimes the shower was full so I had to wait for a while.



2017-03-30 19.24.04

2017-03-30 19.24.11

2017-03-30 19.24.17


The shower was clean, hot, and the water pressure was good. There was body wash, shampoo, conditioner inside.


2017-03-30 19.24.28



The top floor (5th floor) had washing machine, dryer, and drying rack. Washer was JPY 300 (~ USD 3) and drier was JPY 100 (~ USD 1). There was no English anywhere, so I had fun with Google translator. The picture translation ability was amazing. It was still very confusing though.

2017-03-31 09.20.12

2017-03-31 09.20.07


When I walked through the door I saw a nice roof garden. The weather was kind of chilly so I didn’t see anyone throughout my stay.




2017-03-31 09.20.41



Given how expensive the hotels are near Kyoto station I think this was a good deal. The facilities were kept very clean and the bed and the bedding were very comfortable. Unfortunately there were some guests who kept talking (on the phone) for hours inside the bedroom area. So if you do stay here, please keep quiet in the room! All the beds are very close together because the room is so small. I would love to stay again but probably in smaller rooms.


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