Kyoto Restaurant – Kyoto Katsugyu

2017 Mar 31

  • Visited: Friday 6 PM
  • Ordered: Beef cutlet zen with grated yam, 130g version
  • Price: JPY 1490 (~ USD 13)
  • Tip: Cash-only
  • Link: Tripadvisor


Katsugyu, or fried beef cutlet, had been very popular in Korean SNS. It’s similar to Tonkatsu (pork cutlet), except the meat is beef. It seemed to be a fairly recent invention. I came across this store and went in, mostly because it was raining and I wanted to sit down somewhere inside.



The store was small and you could see people making the food (in white shirts and ties!) across the window at the bar table.


The food came in about 10 minutes.


There wasn’t much of an upfront wow factor, but I enjoyed it more the more I had. The meat itself tasted quite fatty, and the fried layer was thin. The wasabi complemented the greasiness of the meat a lot.


It came with a variety of sauce and there was even an instruction on how to taste the dish.


Sancho salt (salt & pepper) was alright, and so was the worcester sauce, which tasted like watered-down Tonkatsu sauce. Curry was good, but the yam was too oily for me.

The miso soup was pretty good and tasted a lot more rich than the miso soups I had in North America.



It was very interesting, but the food itself wasn’t overwhelmingly good. I heard some other stores actually let you grill the Katsugyu pieces, so I would be interested in trying that one if I can get a chance.


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