Kyoto Tofu Restaurant – Kyotofu Hujino

2017 Mar 31


Similarly to Tonkatsu Wako, this restaurant was also located on the 11th floor of Isetan department store, linked to Kyoto train station. There was no English on the sign on the door, so it was a little difficult to locate. It was near the windows facing the huge staircase area outside. I had to wait but again, there were chairs.

2017-03-31 11.22.36


After 25 minutes of waiting, I was seated inside. Right away I was served soy milk and green tea. The tea was really good and slightly sweet.

2017-03-31 11.47.10


I ordered the “Ume” lunch set. They had English menu for both special menu and regular menu.

2017-03-31 11.45.50

2017-03-31 11.46.34

2017-03-31 11.50.27


Food came after about 5 minutes of wait. I loved how I could taste a lot of different things, which sometimes is difficult when you’re traveling alone.

2017-03-31 11.57.23

Going in counter-clockwise direction starting from top right…

  • Fresh yuba sashimi – It was similar to tofu skin, and was slightly chewy.
  • Braised deep-fried tofu and vegetables – It was actually cold with some soup at the bottom. The green piece had a texture of rice cake but apparently it’s tofu!
  • Pickled vegetables – It was pretty good, and not salty or sour which was what I was expecting.
  • Clear soup – The bowl looked more like a big shot glass so it was easy to drink from. There were these sphere-shaped pieces that felt like bloated ginkgo fruits.
  • Cooked rice seasoned with deep-fried tofu and bamboo shoots – I wasn’t a huge fan of the flavour so I left some.
  • Soy milk white cream croquette and salad – The sauce on the salad was amazing! It was warm and peanut-flavoured. The croquette was cooked well but I found it to be too heavy.
  • Oboro tofu (big tofu dish on bottom right) – It’s very soft, fluffy, and delicious. It is slightly sweet without any sugar taste, and almost nutty. This one can be refilled unlimitedly. I was very full so I only got one more.


I was very full at this point but I couldn’t say no to dessert. There were couple other options and I went with green tea mousse, which was good and not too sweet. It came with a drink which I think was some local black bean tea. I didn’t write anything down for this for some reason so I honestly don’t remember. I guess it was nothing special.

2017-03-31 12.25.22



Kyoto is apparently famous for tofu so I think this is a great option to try it. It felt pretty local and most of the people I saw during my visit were interestingly Japanese women, and not many men. I was glad I ordered the smaller menu because I was really full, even though I came very hungry after a long morning run. I’m not sure if I would go back since I’m not vegetarian and I would love to explore different cuisine, but it would be an interesting visit for a first-timer for sure!


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