Japanese Confectionery Store in Kinosaki – Maruyamakaryo

2017 Apr 1

  • Visited: Saturday 10 AM
  • Ordered: Milk pudding
  • Price: JPY 350 (~ USD 3)
  • Tip: Go early. Apparently they tend to sell out later in the day.
  • Link: Tripadvisor


This was my first stop after arriving in Kinosaki, because I heard that the milk puddings tend to sell out pretty quickly. Luckily they had many left when I went in. There was a sit-down area inside the store.


They had other sweets but the popular ones were the milk puddings, and it came with a very long teaspoon which was very useful for the narrow glass. I was tempted to take it home with me.

The pudding itself was absolutely amazing. It was much better than the ones I had in Hong Kong. It’s hard to describe but the taste was more … sophisticated? It was less gelatinous and had syrup at the bottom.


They were playing an epic opera music so maybe that helped? Anyway, I really loved it and would love to go back.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. RyanC says:

    damn i was just in Japan but didn’t go get one!

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