Kyoto Temple – Kiyomizudera

2017 Apr 2

  • Visited: Sunday 9:30 AM
  • Price: JPY 400 (~ USD 4)
  • Tip: Cash only


Kiyomizudera is one of the highest-rated temples in Kyoto for its views. It reportedly has an amazing cherry blossom view but unfortunately, Kyoto cherry blossoms were opening a week late compared to last year. So all I got to see was bare trees and a temple in the midst of construction.

2017-04-02 09.32.45

2017-04-02 09.53.33

2017-04-02 09.50.51

2017-04-02 09.48.22

2017-04-02 09.53.55

2017-04-02 09.57.59


There were some flowers but not much.

2017-04-02 10.04.34

2017-04-02 10.06.56


There were restaurants inside the complex that served traditional food.

2017-04-02 10.00.57


I decided to take a different path down and I came across a giant cemetery. It was an eerie, tranquil, 10-minute walk. I walked by some visitors and interestingly most of them looked cheerful.

2017-04-02 10.08.18

2017-04-02 10.11.33




If you aren’t visiting during cherry blossom season or autumn leaves season, then I would recommend visiting a different temple in Kyoto, because there are many more.


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