Kyoto Sushi Restaurant – Tsukiji Sushi Say

2017 Apr 2

  • Visited: Sunday 11:30 AM
  • Ordered: Some kind of premium seasonal set
  • Price: JPY 1890 (~ USD 17)


It was a sushi restaurant near Tsukiji market. The restaurant itself was very large and I got to seat at the counter, which was fun. There was a basket for my belongings under the seat.

2017-04-02 11.18.11

2017-04-02 11.20.55

2017-04-02 11.31.30

2017-04-02 11.36.17


I ordered some seasonal sushi set and the food service started within 5 minutes. I don’t think the sushi shelf in front of me spoke any English so we just made eye contact and awkwardly smiled to each other the whole time. I was served 1-2 sushi at a time.


2017-04-02 11.41.04

  • Squid – It was good, neither tough nor slippery, which was often the case whenever I tried squid sushi before.
  • Tuna – Okay. Nothing spectacular.


2017-04-02 11.42.03

  • Chawanmushi (steamed egg) – It was so soft it felt like mousse. There were mushroom and shrimp inside. It felt very comforting overall.


2017-04-02 11.45.01

  • Vegetable and Clam – Clam tasted like it was cooked in soy sauce and sugar. It tasted good and there was no sign of sand.


2017-04-02 11.47.14

  • Some sushi in spoon – There was peanut sauce on top! It was pretty good.
  • Tamagoyaki (Egg Roll) – Cold and sweet. Decent.


2017-04-02 11.51.59

  • Shrimp – Good.
  • Shirasu – It was too oceany for me. I will probably never have it again.


2017-04-02 11.54.53

  • Marinated Tuna – Interesting. It tasted strongly of green onions.


2017-04-02 11.57.32

  • Unagi (BBQ Eel) – It was AMAZING. It melted in my mouth. Hands down best unagi I had had (by this point). The sauce was not very strong but I think that brought out more eel flavour. Wow.


2017-04-02 11.59.22

  • Matcha jelly with syrup – I liked it.



The overall quality of sushi was good, but not amazing. I was comfortably full by the end so those of you with larger portion might want to order a larger set. There were some interesting ones I had never seen in North America, so that was fun. Watching the sushi chefs move around efficiently was also entertaining. To be honest I don’t think I would go back, though.


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