Osaka Day Trip

2017 Apr 3

  • Visited: Monday 2 PM – 5 PM


Osaka Castle

It looked more like a fort with water surrounding it.


I didn’t go inside the castle because I heard that there wasn’t much inside. Instead I walked around the park surrounding the castle. There were many groups of people picnicking near the water. I think it would be a really nice lunch spot during cherry blossom season.


I came across an ice cream shop and they had the famous cremia ice cream! I bought one for JPY 550 (~ USD 5). The ice cream itself tasted nice and rich but the cone was really amazing. It was close to a biscuit that tastes very sophisticated.



Shinsaibashi and Dotonbori

There were popular districts for shopping and food. Shinsaibashi felt like a huge shopping mall.


Dotonbori was a street along the river. Apparently the “Glico” sign is the landmark of the street.





Some people choose Osaka and do day trip to Kyoto, and I did the other way around. It’s a great area for shopping and restaurants but personally I wanted to stay in Kyoto and enjoy more of the historical sceneries. I didn’t stay in the city long because I knew I’m usually not interested in shopping while traveling. I felt pretty neutral about the city in general.


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