Osaka Takoyaki Shop – Takoyaki Douraku Wanaka Shinsaibashi Americamura

2017 Apr 3

  • Visited: Monday 4 PM
  • Ordered: Set of 8 with 4 different flavours
  • Price: JPY 500 (~ USD 4)
  • Link: Tripadvisor


It showed up as “Wanaka Rafters American Village Shop” on Google Maps and had one of the highest ratings for takoyaki in Osaka. I was determined to have takoyaki in Osaka because it originated from Osaka. The front of the shop was empty but the seating area was full.

2017-04-03 16.02.56

2017-04-03 16.04.51


I asked for recommendation and the staff recommended a 12-piece one. I went with the 8-piece one instead.

2017-04-03 16.07.14

Going clockwise starting from top left:

  • Katsuobushi (Dried Fish Flake) – It was pretty good. Tasted clean and very umami.
  • Green Onion – Surprisingly good. It was kind of refreshing. Salt was sprinkled on top and it really helped to bring out the flavour.
  • Pink – It was sour. I think it might have been umeboshi (picked plum).
  • Classic – Alright. Nothing fancy.




I was glad I tried it, but there were probably other places that made much better takoyaki. The staff wasn’t rude but not friendly either.


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