Kyoto Bamboo Grove – Arashiyama

2017 Apr 4

  • Visited: Tuesday 1:30 PM
  • Tip:
    • If you don’t like crowd, go early.
    • The train ride from Kyoto was very crowded.


After visiting Hirokawa, I walked over to the famous bamboo grove. It was really crowded.

2017-04-04 13.13.05

2017-04-04 13.18.25


You can rent a bike or ride a rickshaw, but given how crowded it was I don’t think they are such great alternatives to walking.

2017-04-04 13.18.38


I think it would have been a nice stroll if I came early morning. It was just too crowded to enjoy the scenery. Nevertheless, it was very beautiful.

2017-04-04 13.46.17

2017-04-04 13.50.09

2017-04-04 13.19.08




It was worth the trip in a overpacked train, but if I were to visit again I would visit early morning instead. The bamboo grove was larger than I thought but it wasn’t large enough to get lost in. I only walked around for 10-20 minutes.


One Comment Add yours

  1. RyanC says:

    The bamboo grove was packed when I went there – and for nothing at all spectacular. Maybe it would’ve been different in the morning…

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