Tokyo Hostel – Wise Owl Hostel

2017 Apr 6 –  2017 Apr 10

  • Room: 10 bed female dorm
  • Price: USD 27.38 per night
  • Location: 2 minute train ride from Tokyo station
  • Atmosphere: Clean, new, mostly quiet except loud staff
  • Link: Tripadvisor, Official website



The hostel was literally right outside Hatchobori JR/subway station, which was just 2-minute ride from Tokyo train station. However, Tokyo station was massive and getting to the right platform from shinkansen was 7-minute walk.

There wasn’t much around the area and the neighbourhood felt residential. Closest convenience store was couple minutes away.

2017-04-06 16.57.41


The hostel building also had cafe, bar, and fish cake restaurant.

2017-04-06 16.57.49

2017-04-06 17.19.24


The staffs at the front desk in general did not seem that eager to help the guests. There was only one staff throughout my stay who actually made eye contact with me and smiled when I was close by but not approaching. Others generally looked somewhere else, unless I was standing at the desk. I got an impression that I was bothering them, even when I was checking in.


Another thing I have to mention is that they kept a live owl inside the lobby area, tied at the ankle. I honestly did not notice it when I was checking in, but I saw it move when I was passing by on the second day. It was disheartening. Had I known in advance I would have gone to a different hostel.

2017-04-07 15.23.57




The room was clean, spacious, and quite thoughtful. I forgot to take a picture but there was a small staircase leading up to the upper beds in between the lower beds, and the steps were actually storage space for shoes.

It was very spacious and I had two shoes, day bag, and other miscellaneous small things in there. I have stayed at many hostels and I usually pick the upper bed. This one, with an actual staircase and not a ladder, was the most convenient.

2017-04-06 17.02.40

The beds were also very private. The lower beds had shades and the upper beds had curtains that fully covered one side. The upper beds were not covered on top so I could almost stand on them as well. The bedding had full duvet and comfortable pillow.

2017-04-06 17.03.57

This room also had plenty of empty floor space so many people had their luggage there. This was not possible in Kyoto Mosaic hostel where the room was very, very tight in space.



There were shared restrooms and showers for the whole floor. They were kept very clean. The shower area had 3 sinks and 3 shower booths.

2017-04-06 18.50.58


Shower booth had a whole shelf which was nice.

2017-04-06 18.51.07


There was rain shower and shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.

2017-04-06 18.51.17


The restroom only had one sink and 3 bidets.

2017-04-06 18.51.31

2017-04-06 18.51.40


On the top floor there was a sitting area. It was usually quiet, but one day a group of staffs were gathered around the table talking and laughing VERY loudly. Couple other guests who were around at that time also looked uncomfortable.

2017-04-06 18.52.43


There was also a tiny kitchen near the sitting area and also laundry.

2017-04-06 18.53.29


A side-note, there was a very scary note in the elevator.

2017-04-06 18.54.42




The bed was absolutely amazing. The storage space near the bed was really nice, and the accessibility (staircase) privacy were great.

However, I was really disappointed by how unprofessional the staffs were and how they also had a live owl in the lobby. I would not visit again and I also do not recommend the hostel. I think there are many other affordable hostels or capsule hotels in Tokyo.


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