Popular Tokyo Ramen Restaurant – Rokurinsha

2017 Apr 8

  • Visited: Saturday 9:15 AM
  • Wait: 30 minutes
  • Ordered: Dip noodles with boiled egg (morning special)
  • Price: JPY 730 (~ USD 7)
  • Link: Tripadvisor


Rokurinsha was located in the “ramen street” of Tokyo station. Rokurinsha had the longest line on the “street” when I visited in the morning. Most people in line appeared to be locals.






After 25 minutes of waiting in line, I got my ticket at a vending machine. There was no English and there were two buttons for dip noodle with boiled egg so I was quite confused. Then I realized they had morning prices, so dip noodles were JPY 200 (~ USD 2) cheaper than the regular prices.






After getting the ticket I went back into the line for a few minutes and then I was seated. The restaurant was pretty small.







I got my food 3 minutes after being seated. So the overall wait was not too bad. Rokurinsha had regular ramen but they were known for their dip noodle (or tsukemen), so that’s the one I ordered. You get a bowl of noodles and a bowl of very thick soup. You ‘dip’ the noodle into the soup and eat it.



It was delicious! It was very rich, umami, and flavourful. I thought it might be too heavy but it felt balanced. The noodle tasted a bit like buckwheat, and the texture was tender enough. The pork piece was large and thick.

Apparently there is an option to ask the staff to pour hot water into the soup bowl after you’re done, so that you can drink the soup. I was way too full when I was done so I skipped the soup part.




It was very different from the regular ramen I had before, and I liked it better than Ichiran ramen. The portion was generous and I loved the rich flavour. I think the morning deals are absolute steals, so I would highly recommend that option! Since the restaurant is small it may be difficult for a large group though.


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