Tokyo Conveyor Belt Sushi Restaurant – Uobei Sushi

2017 Apr 7

  • Visited: 11 AM
  • Ordered: A bunch of things. Please see below!
  • Price: JPY 1371
  • Link: Tripadvisor


It was located in Shibuya, in one of the alleys.

2017-04-07 11.11.53


After a quick chat with the hostess I got a small board with my seat number. It was very pink inside.

2017-04-07 11.12.21

2017-04-07 11.12.54

There were bottles of soy sauce, a jar with green tea powder, and small tab for hot water.


It was different from traditional conveyor belt sushi where sushi goes around the conveyor belt and you pick the dish up. Here, I ordered on the tablet using the English menu (although summary was in Japanese), and after a few minutes the sushi came out on a small tray, shot out through the conveyor belt!

2017-04-07 11.38.13

2017-04-07 11.25.20

I picked up the dish, pressed a button on the tablet, then the tray went back to the kitchen. It felt very efficient and futuristic. I think the food would be more fresh than traditional conveyor belt sushi since it’s less likely to be stale.


Many dishes were around JPY 100 (~ USD 1) and they had more prmeium dishes. I ordered about 16 sushi, a bowl of udon, and fried chicken.


Salmon – Alright
Tuna – Surprisingly good, especially the red one.

2017-04-07 11.18.57


Salmon and avocado (left) – Nope. Not good. I tasted too heavy.
Tamagoyaki (egg roll, middle) – Nothing special. Eating was a little difficult because they didn’t have any seaweed wrapper which is common.
Red bream – It was alright, This one was on the expensive side.

2017-04-07 11.25.57


Inari sushi (fried tofu) – Not bad.

2017-04-07 11.33.47


Patty sushi – It looked very interesting. It tasted pretty dry and I wished I had ketchup.

2017-04-07 11.35.48


Some seared sushi – Edible.

2017-04-07 11.39.00


Udon – The portion was small enough, and it was surprisingly good for 100 yen!

2017-04-07 11.41.34


Fried chicken – It tasted alright.

2017-04-07 11.43.15




It was a very filling meal with variety at a reasonable price. The style of serving was unique and I found it very entertaining. Choosing the food was a bit of a gamble, but it was also an interesting experience. I would love to visit again, and I would recommend this to people who want to try something different.


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