Japanese Walmart – Don Quijote

2017 Mar 31


Japanese store Don Quijote has no resemblance to the book Don Quixote, it’s more like Walmart. They sell everything from food to electronics, for a cheaper price than most other places. Unlike Walmart they are usually located in busier districts. I visited one near Kyoto station and one in Tokyo Shibuya.

Tip: My copy of the book spells it “Don Quixote” and the store is spelled “Don Quijote.” Apparently the book was written before the alphabet “j” was invented. So if you’re searching for the store online, looking up “Don Quijote” usually brings up more results.

The sign looks like this:



They had some interesting items including Pikachu romper and tons of cosmetics and snacks. They also love signs.


Duty Free Counter

They also had a duty-free counter. You need to purchase at least JPY 5400 and must have your passport for the 8% discount. They wrap the products in plastic packaging and you can open it after leaving the country. Unfortunately when I used it in Tokyo I had to wait good 30 minutes, although there were not that many people in front of me. In general, I don’t recommend it unless there are very few people in front of you and you’re buying a lot.


Items I bought and recommend


  • Rice cracker with bean powder (on the left), JPY 238 (~ USD 2) – There were multiple packages inside and they tasted great. It’s a light snack (most of it was air) and tasted a little sweet and the bean powder was amazing.


  • Konnyaku jelly (peach-flavoured, besides the rice cracker in the main picture), JPY 138 (~ USD 1) – It smelled very strongly of peach and tasted like real peach, not artificial flavour, as well. I didn’t like it that much at first but I got addicted to it. They were individually packaged so I often brought them as snacks in my day bag. Th texture was pretty chewy. I also tried the apple flavour but the peach one was much better.


  • Horoyoi (Alcoholic peach drink, on top right), JPY 98 (~ USD 1) – I do love fruity cocktails so I was very excited to try this. It also tasted very strongly of peach and very sweet. I couldn’t taste the alcohol (3%), but it still tasted great as carbonated juice. Horoyoi was also sold in convenience stores, and there were tons of flavours. I tried the original and I liked peach one better.



  • Mote mascara, JPY 1800 (~ USD 16) – There were multiple versions and I got the “volume” one. It made my eyelashes much longer and curled! It was not waterproof.
  • Mote eyeliner, JPY 1500 (~ USD 13) – The quality of the brush was great and it was easy to use. The liquid felt a little watery, but I loved how easy it was to use. It also washed off easily.




It was a really fun store to browse. There were variety of popular products at a discounted price.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Tofu says:

    I love visiting Don Quijote! They have all sorts from random, strange, cute and usable! Will do some shopping there in December.

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