Tokyo general store – Loft

2017 Apr 7

  • Visited: Friday 12:20 PM
  • Tip: Bring your passport for 5% discount.
  • Link: Tripadvisor


The sign “Loft” sounded vaguely familiar and I saw stationaries near the front door so I just walked in. I had no idea I would spend 2 hours in that store. The location I visited, in Shibuya, had multiple floors. A different location which I don’t recall was smaller.

In addition to stationaries, they had arts and crafts items, clothes, dinnerware, furniture, etc. The store was very clean and spacious and even aesthetically pleasing to walk around in. I ended up buying a bento box and an umbrella, and I received 5% discount as a foreigner.

2017-04-07 12.18.56

2017-04-07 12.24.20

2017-04-07 12.27.15

2017-04-07 12.27.53

2017-04-07 12.41.29

2017-04-07 13.01.07

2017-04-07 13.34.32

2017-04-07 13.39.02

2017-04-07 14.23.12




One of the reasons why I think of visiting Japan again actually is because of this store. I love beautiful-looking useful things. I rarely go shopping when I travel but this store was so much fun to browse.


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