Cherry Blossom in Tokyo

2017 Apr 7 – 2017 Apr 10


There are lots of cherry blossom viewing spots in Tokyo and there are many articles that list these. One of my favourites was the one from Japan guide, and Google Maps also listed cherry blossom spots as well.

Cherry blossoms are hard to predict. In some years the flowers open much later. For example, Kyoto this year opened a week later than last year so I completely missed it. Tokyo opened relatively the same. Even inside the same city it may differ a lot.



Ueno Park

It was cloudy and the cherry trees already had some green leaves so it didn’t look that amazing. It was still very pretty. There were fences and lots of picnic mats so it felt somewhat like an amusement park than a nature park. I visited around 8 AM so it was not too bad at the time but I think it would get much more crowded later in the day.

2017-04-07 07.59.37

2017-04-07 07.51.54



Yoyogi Park

There were lots of cherry trees and the flowers looked absolutely gorgeous. It was much less crowed than Ueno park as well. It was much smaller so I just sat on one of the benches and enjoyed the view instead of walking around.

2017-04-07 09.36.32

2017-04-07 09.38.07

2017-04-07 09.41.59



Chidorigafuchi Park

It’s a small park along the river to the west of the imperial palace. When I visited it was slightly past full bloom and it was not too crowded. It was fun to see lots of old couples strolling around and taking selfies together.

2017-04-09 17.26.23

2017-04-09 17.28.31

2017-04-09 17.30.55

2017-04-09 17.31.29

2017-04-09 17.27.14



Meguro River

My absolute favourite. It looked incredible. It was one of the most beautiful sights of the trip. I was glad that I saved this part for the last day in Tokyo because it was the only sunny day. There was so much cherry blossom it looked magical.

2017-04-10 09.23.13

2017-04-10 09.22.50

2017-04-10 09.28.39

2017-04-10 09.33.38

2017-04-10 09.27.24


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